~ My wife Laura and I have two kids Riley and Reese, and live in a nice home in NE Portland. Our family lives close by and we gather at our river property on the Columbia. I learned early on to be honest, ethical, timely and blunt. By keeping facts straight and demonstrating the above mentioned, clients tend to better understand there are some circumstances beyond anyone’s control. If all heads aren’t nodding I know I need to change the example. People are always glad I am on their team.

~ I am up front with clients as to what could and may happen as a result of the project at hand. This is a very important aspect of construction today. People want straight answers, honesty, and a budget and schedule staying close to stated format. This will suffice even the harshest of clientele. This is how I have always operated and hasn’t yielded any negative results.

~ My marketing started long ago by showing a client exactly what they wanted so the choice was similar to buying a car. “I know what I want, now lets pick options and a color.” For me, the portfolio was the single best marketing tool, followed by references.

~ My contract dealings lie in residential and commercial construction. The commercial contracts were highly worded, stringent scope and schedule guidelines were required, and I was responsible for reading every page to insure there were no hidden items that we could not adhere to as well as tasks we were not covering in scope.

~ Other key roles: pre-job meeting with my subs, material acquisition, onsite safety to insure all potential issues have been addressed; create, issue, and collect on change orders; progress meetings with client; final punch list walk through, followed by final payment in a timely manner.

~ For the most part, everyone has his or her specialty or niche they are most comfortable performing. Knowing how to get everyone working together is the trick, which is the single most important task in my role. It goes beyond who is paying for this; it goes beyond how long is this going to take; it is not fueled by the next project we move to. It lies directly in: we are going to help each other to be clean, efficient, and considerate of others working toward the same goal. I achieve this with my people by way of pre-job meetings, lunch dates, and recognition of achievement. I intend to keep everyone smiling.

~ After every project regardless of it’s size, I rip a CD with all photos from before to finish and the construction documents, and supply it to the Client. They can refer to it in the event someone needs an answer in the future or just wants to see where some in wall framing, wiring or plumbing is. Just my way of a double backup method that helps everyone.