With all the excitement of Spring, we wanted you to know how important it
is to plan for your dry projects right now!
Planning can take up to 30 days or more to finalize, so lets get together and get
your thoughts on paper.

Remodeling a home is about memories and traditions, yours and even those
before you. We look at each job individually and absorb the existing, listen
about the past, and forecast for future, to come up with a plan that will
make you proud to have decided to modernize. The word “modernize” refers to
adding another 50+ years of solid performance by way of eliminating the
existing tired systems and thinking ahead for future needs for a smart and
healthy home.
It’s not just a business deal and not just your property, we feel much more
can develop if you allow us to be part of your life. This way we can
understand you, which helps us to offer what is best suited for your

We want nothing more than to be included in your thoughts as they bloom.

The clients we seek out are those who will value our personal touch,
treating their homes as if they were our own, with no thoughts of looking
We don’t guarantee the lowest price, but we do guarantee expertise and the
knowledge base to offer our clients more products and information than they
were expecting. You will not receive these benefits or future guarantees by
choosing the low number. Period.
We have the best people performing the nicest work, and we are certain you
will notice the difference. We will make your home life an “experience”,
instead of just a remodel.

We are constantly evolving at Rebuild. With that in mind, we NEVER stop
looking to bring our clients more knowledgeable and professional resources,
and as always, the most cost effective approach to your project.

First: We would like to thank you for coming out to our Tour house in this
years “Tour of Remodeled Homes” http://remodeltourportland.com/.

We met with nearly 300 people who asked very intelligent questions and really
seemed to enjoy what we had done with our 1917 4-story whole home remodel.
So please drop a recurring reminder on your calendar for March 1^st and we
hope to see you in the years to come. Our Tour home can be seen on our
website here http://rebuildllc.com/gallery/whole-home-remodels/

Next: Caesarstone has come out with some new styles of solid surface counter
tops that we would like you to see http://www.caesarstoneus.com/products/new
We are not advocating the use of granite and marble slabs moving forward due to all the natural resources
needed to actually land one in your home. Think about all the machinery,
pollution, transportation from overseas, then to west coast. That’s not
green, it’s black.

Next: Spray Foam has significant benefits over traditional rolled batt
insulation and we love to use it. Here is a great write up that will help
you to understand it better http://www.fomo.com/resources/technical-bulletins/opencellvsclosed.aspx
We use it for 4 reasons: double the insulation value per inch, higher sound
dampening, structural attributes once cured to hard state, and the air
barrier. When closed cell is used you get water barrier as well.

Here is a recent period kitchen remodel we performed near Lloyd Center which used vertical grain fir cabinets with slow closing doors and drawers, Andersen fir windows, Caesarstone slab, Big Chill retro appliances, and Marmoleum flooring http://rebuildllc.com/gallery/kitchens/ .

We will reward your referrals with nice cash payments. Please refer all of your friends and family to Rebuild LLC by way of: website, Facebook, LinkedIn, HBA PRO, Energy Trust of Oregon, and Houzz. From there they can follow all things Rebuild.

We realize you could be doing so many other things right now, and we deeply appreciate that you spend your time here with us. Have a great Spring!