The first thing reading teaches us, is how to be alone. And if we are interested in what the message is, we may just be surprised at what we learn. So thank you for taking your few moments of “me” time and reading my latest blog.

When a family has a sick child or a broken vehicle they don’t hesitate to call the family doctor, dentist, or mechanic whom they typically have a long personal relationship with. We have this same relationship with numerous clients. We know your home and may even know it better than you do. So we are more than happy to come take a look at something that comes up because that is our specialty. I have a little secret that not many people know. I have been asked to store about 25% of my past clients house keys in the event they need me to stop in to look at another project or fix. That makes me feel quite valuable.

Each year consumers are burned by unscrupulous home contractors and/or simply frustrated by poor customer service. This is the dilemma that confronts many potential clients whom we have not worked with, their desire for a top-notch job at the lowest possible price being their primary focus. They ignore other criteria that may carry more weight in producing a successfully completed project and a smooth working relationship with the remodeler.
It’s understandable that price is a major consideration when it comes to remodeling. The cost of remodeling has increased as the demand for remodeling grows. Higher costs of materials (such as copper wire or pipes) and scarcity of skilled labor are just 2 of 20 factors contributing to price hikes.
So we urge you to keep your money or hold out on the financing until you can do what you really want. You waited this long, what’s another year if it will get your wish list included to the bottom of your needs list. See this latest data on how remodeling is back to pre-crash status!

We offer an all-inclusive remodeling package, which covers inspiration, design, plans, products, services, outstanding finish work, and future communication to ensure you remain happy once we are gone. There is no grey area with Rebuild.
We pass our inspections, keep everyone on schedule, jump over every hurdle with manners, accuracy, and do it with a smile on our face.
We stay transparent at Rebuild so you see what everything costs and can decide what might need to wait till later. Our management number is typically 20% and it covers Todd’s time, gas, insurance, license, bond, office expense, I put out fires to keep things moving smoothly, I buy my subs lunch from time to time which helps keep them happy to come to work for you and I, and much more. A great attitude makes for better performance.
What keeps my doors open is running 3 jobs at the same time all year long, and when the jobs are large, I realize some profitability. See our Tour of Remodeled Homes submission from last year here

We want to be your “GO-TO” company for anything “Home”. If we don’t have the answer we will get it for you. Every month something changes or is developed to help make our job and your home a better place to dwell. It may not seem like it but things are moving full steam toward energy efficient and structurally sound. We realize you may not understand it, but we will try and educate you and you will in turn benefit from it.

When you refer us to a friend or family member we will pay you a NICE chunk of cash!

Watch for me in the new Veloster by Hyundai. 40mpg car! It’s a great addition with all the driving I do.
We appreciate the trust you place in us, and look forward to speaking with you.

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