First off, Happy New Year!

 This year I, Todd Hertner owner of Rebuild, am PRO (Professional Remodelers Organization)Chair. I look to lead our group on our mission to bring public awareness to the group, help our members to realize their potential within our professional environment, and better our branding and events we hold for fundraising and charitable contributions. We have the 3rd largest PRO in America! I just got back from IBS (International Builders Show) in Las Vegas and was overwhelmed by how other regions look to us for ideas and guidance. That’s how high our group of 225 is held. Pretty cool to hold this position. Now on to my blog’s subject matter.


When it comes to picking all the elements for a remodel or even building a new home, there’s a myriad of decisions to make and it can be dismal to keep it in perspective. Have you ever thought to yourself…I wish someone else did my grocery shopping or maintained my yard? It happens to me on a weekly basis. But we pick our battles don’t we?
I don’t intend on getting into the material choices but more importantly, the judgment and professional decisions one should consider. And we do all phases of construction, so if you are looking at a 1000sf or 60sf addition or just a kitchen or bathroom, we do it all.
We all wish that when it came to home improvement the playing field was level so our prospective clients had only need to choose which contractor personality they liked most. But with professionalism and quality comes added cost over the “common company” pricing. Not much comes in their bag of tricks.


So how to decide with such a major money swing? And with the market turning around there’s a chance you can’t work with the contractor you want because they are booked solid.


If you are the type of person who walks into a jewelry store or car dealership and says this is how much I have to spend, what can I get today? You are likely to choose the low number and just deal with work being done, and won’t care too much about fit and finish. Not to say you don’t deserve what you paid for, but perfection isn’t something that will drive you crazy. I can spot that in the first 5 minutes.
On the other hand, you do your research prior to contractor meetings, checking their legal status, references, and finding some reviews on their social pages. So if they don’t perform to your expectations you can actually ask for it to be fixed. You will likely receive deserved attention to missed details, if any. You ask smart questions, not using the phrase “keeping in budget” in every sentence.
We pre-screen our leads quite well prior to spending time to meet with them, and you should be prepared for this with a reputable company. We also send out Q&A forms. We are now interviewing you more than you are us.
We only sign jobs when it feels right. You should too.
Our minds are on the future recommendations of our company, where most all our work comes from. It grows with each completed job and happy client.


Some clients you cannot make happy no matter how many special things you do for them, or how sweet the finished product turns out. My experience shows that they are used to doing the work themselves, or did not want to spend the money for it in the first place. If I lose “their” referrals then so be it.
If you can supply us with a clear scope of work when we come out, we can supply you with a budget range of what the work should cost. We do this every day, so our budgets are quite detailed and real close to actual cost. If you are serious and actually ready to spend some money, then you sign a retainer and we get serious about exactly what you want, and sharpen all numbers to get you to the final cost. We don’t give free bids. It devalues our experience, allows lesser quality companies to undercut us, and there are a lot of shoppers out there just wasting our time. We don’t want a bunch of clients, we just seek a few great ones!
Every decision we make in life has the inevitable possibility of turning out positive or negative. But as you can clearly tell by my short story, there are choices to be made, wait till you have all your answers before you make yours. We will be here and make you glad you chose Rebuild.


We are constantly researching for our clients, and with that in mind, we NEVER stop looking to bring our clients more knowledgeable and professional resources, and as always, the most cost effective approach to your project.
Our go-to floor heating system has always been NuHeat. They have recently introduced a much better system of placing the wire for heating but it also acts as a crack isolation membrane, which is good for home or slab movement and eliminating cracks in your new installations.
NEXT: Bathrooms can be a slippery place and having the right set up is easy to achieve. I simple facelift won’t get you there, but when doing a full remodel, we can design some easy features that will assure you and your family a lifetime of better ergonomics and safe passage. These details are actually cleaner, modern looking and you won’t know they exist. Curbless shower pan, matte large format tile, flip down seating, attractive grab bars that look more like towel holders, and more.

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