With all the excitement of Spring and warm weather coming, we want you to know how important it is to plan ahead for your projects. Planning can take from 30 to 90 days to finalize depending on size, so lets get together and chat about your thoughts for change. Some projects don’t require any plans, others will. If you are considering something I will be happy to come see your home and brainstorm ideas for value and best bang for your buck.
Remodeling a home is about creating memories, yours and even those before you. We look at each job individually and absorb the existing, listen about the past, and forecast for future, to come up with a plan that will make you proud to have decided to modernize. The word “modernize” refers to adding another 40+ years of solid performance by way of eliminating the existing tired systems and thinking ahead for future needs for a smart and healthy home (See pics below of an old 1915 bath remodel). jermain 14jermain 34 Just ask and we will come to your home to offer suggestions for change and explain why things work or don’t. Most people don’t realize what they have been subjected to for years and can easily be fixed.We certainly would not eat cheap and unhealthy food every day, or even a few times a week. Why would we feed our most valuable asset, our home, cheap and short lived items which will fail or bring unhealthy living conditions? That’s where we come in. We are very knowledgeable about various things you can do to your home for comfort and air quality.My own personal thoughts did not lead me to you. It was years of learning, building, meeting, changing, networking, joining groups of like minded professionals, donating time to non-profit groups, working public shows, opening our finished projects to the public to walk through, and then after all that… digging deeper and doing it all over again, but with better business panache.

As of the last couple years, my profession has brought a significant change. I’m being ASKED to sit on boards and represent, being asked to join other specialty groups and clubs, being asked to build bigger projects, being asked advice, and being asked to build new houses. So with that, the team I have built and maintained can accommodate.

You will see me every day on the job. I have on average 2-3 jobs going at all times. If things are even a little bit slow I work along side my subs to keep things on track. Always working to diffuse any situations that arise.

Seeking out the best of the best and adding them to my team of craftsman, and offering the best possible outcome for you, my clients, is job number one. I am very happy, proud, humbled, and ready for everything you’ve got cooking! We are constantly evolving at Rebuild. With that in mind, we NEVER stop looking to bring our clients more knowledgeable and professional resources, and as always, the most cost effective approach to your project.
Closed Cell Spray Foam has significant benefits over traditional rolled batt insulation and we love to use it. We use it for 4 distinct reasons: It has an unmatched ability to seal air, stop water, cuts sound at an amazing level, holds its shape so solidly that it actually reinforces your homes structure, but the way it conforms to odd shaped cavities finally solves the loophole with missing some spots that will always allow outside air and water in is the silver lining.
Here is a great write up that will help you to understand it better http://www.fomo.com/resources/technical-bulletins/opencellvsclosed.aspx.
We have joined NWSID- Northwest Society of Interior Designers. Here is where the premier group of designers reside and network all things cool and fresh. I look to make more professional relationships and prove that we are a solid choice for them to promote and use to build their great designs. http://nwsid.org/
The Tour of Remodeled Homes just wrapped up this month, and although Rebuild did not show a home this year, I am Chair for the show/group next year in 2014 and am optimistic we will have a great inspiring project for the show. If you are not familiar with the show it is a scattered site show with remodeled home submissions, and if they make the cut you can physically go out and walk into these homes and see the companies work first hand. If you ever want to see my jobs I can likely have you over for a visit to most all of my running projects. Just ask!

If you are looking to get into our industry group and would like to see just how the HBA PRO club makes it happen so well, contact me and I will get you an invite.
We would like you to join the club all others have tried to become.

We will reward your referrals with nice cash payments.
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