So… The new EPA regulation will require contractors working on projects, including weatherization and energy efficiency retrofits that disturb lead-based paint in homes, child care facilities and schools built before 1978 to be trained, certified and follow specific work practices to prevent lead contamination. But the EPA has fallen behind on approving training programs so that contractors can complete the individual certification requirements.

It has been estimated that about 200,000 remodelers, painters, electricians, HVAC technicians and others working in the targeted homes and buildings need to be certified by April 22 but only about 120 training companies have been approved so far.

“The EPA has not provided enough trainers to certify the workforce in time for their deadline. After April 22 most contractors will not be able to work legally in homes, which would completely halt any weatherization efforts.”

According to the latest Remodeling Index survey, 90% of remodelers are aware of the EPA’s new lead paint regulation going into effect on April 22. Although only 15% are ready with certification.

81% of the remodelers surveyed said they learned about the rule from trade associations. Conversely, only 2% of the remodelers said they learned about the rule from the EPA.

The survey results suggest that the EPA still has a long way to go in educating remodelers, subcontractors, consumers and others affected by the regulation. Don’t Google this topic, it will only make you more confused, then irritated. Enormous holes by EPA in thought, execution, answers, remedies, removal and disposal, testing upon completion… the list goes on for hours.

“Unfortunately the EPA has not only failed to reach out to remodelers, but it has remained silent on educating consumers.” For more in depth details click here. “Luckily for the clients of Rebuild LLC, we were already performing this type of demolition which is now being mandated. It’s common sense renovation to us. The type of lead based paint in question contains HEAVY content and falls at a much more rapid rate that wood, paint, and the like. So airborne effects of this type of fire-starter plan seem quite political to us. There will always a few bad apples that change things for others… Consumers are completely unaware of this rule and the resulting increase in remodeling costs. This means they are very likely to hire unscrupulous contractors or do the work themselves, which will put them at greater risk of lead exposure,” says Todd Hertner, owner of Rebuild LLC.

Rebuild LLC, as well as others, will impose roughly 2 times the normal cost to demo remodel space depending on circumstances. Costs for rule compliance which DID NOT EXIST until now include: additional insurance, mandatory training, worker hours, HEPA equipment, materials, signage, and record keeping expenses. Oh, and what about all that plastic going to the landfills, with hazardous materials wrapped up inside?

The survey results also found that remodelers on average subcontract half of their work and use an average of 18 specialty trade contractors in a year. EPA officials have indicated that these subcontractors may also need training and certification to operate legally on projects where lead paint is disturbed. That will be the added benefit of using a General Contractor like Rebuild LLC to run your projects. We know the rules and will oversee every aspect for total compliance.

The individual certification is based on eight hours of classroom and hands-on instruction $300 and is separate from the company certification, which requires a completed application and another fee of $300, and finally State of Oregon filing of $50.