What do you think is happening with remodeling currently and in the next quarter? We read things have finally broke even and turned upward 5% and projected to hit 12% by first quarter of 2011. All stats aside I am living it and see current trend as medium and steady, while future work looks promising, increasing steadily for months now.

With all the tax credits and remodeling going on why wouldn’t you consider taking 30% off of a major energy efficient appliance(s) to save on energy costs and get a solid new unit? We are pushing this due to the credits and they may be gone after Dec 31st.


I am happy to include a couple new products that I am excited about. First in the latest issue of Kitchen & Bath Design News, the Robern Uplift. The best idea in bathroom wall mirrors in a minute. I will just say that “I want this”, and “I want you to want this” as well!


And next is the coolest shower drain system I have seen. It’s made by Proline and is very PRO. Forget this expensive wall mounted accessories, this thing is worth every penny, and will give your shower and floor a kick needed to take your bath to the next level.


And finally for the serious men out there…I cannot neither confirm or deny the ability of the pictured help. LOL
Plywood Handle

So we just purchased the coming years bond and insurance last week and are on track for a very industrious year. We are digging into our most highly regarded club, the HBA PRO, and trying to make a difference in what happens for the good of the industry.
We will be joining a new group in the short term but will divulge that once complete.
I have met some very nice and talented designers in the past few months that I am excited to be working with them. I hope to start something with every one of them.

We typically are running at least two jobs at a time, with 5 running as of late, and I am more than confident that you will not know the difference between busy or slow once Rebuild LLC comes on board. We just finished two full bathrooms with other carpentry throughout. Just finished a year long project where we performed a 4 story, whole home remodel. Just finished a fireplace addition to a big beautiful home. And have 2 others going still, a full kitchen and living room remodel, and another fireplace but this one is a complete tear out.
All our top level subs we use are manned up, professional, and the owners get out to our jobs and put their noses right in the project. That is great for me, but better for you. You will get an accurate price, with reasonable change orders, for what you would pay other outfits who are less than trustworthy and timely. I can attest to this personally as I have used A, B, and C, level subs and will never go back to the B or C teams. Just ask me how I can substantiate this claim and I would be happy to discuss it with you, just not stated here.

Thank you for your time. I appreciate it.