We know you could be anywhere in the world right now, and you decided to be here with me. I thank you for that.
Without divulging too much data, I would like everyone to know how appreciative I am of the business we have signed and there appears even more to come this month. Truly makes me happy to do what I love.
We currently have 3 jobs running, 1 on Alameda Ridge, 1 in Happy Valley, 1 in SW Hills right above the martini glass lights! All are in different stages. I have 3 other bids out, one with yet another designer, which we thought was ready to sign then they wanted to add scope. Cool with me.
Additionally I have looked at two other jobs which were referrals, and are awaiting my bid.
We are wrapping up at the Wistaria job, with hardwoods now complete, interior painting about half done, deck railings almost complete, slab granite counter tops installed, front porch concrete slab formed up, and concrete basement floor about ready to be stained in a patina pattern. You will love this house.
The Happy Valley kitchen living room remodel just kicked off with deconstruction and will be a tightly scheduled job to help bring this one in quickly for clients appreciation. I hope all goes well as this is our nicest and largest kitchen remodel in 16 years. There is an interior designer on this job who really brought it to the table in my opinion. I will post progress pics of this job in “Current Projects“, a new tab I am going to create this weekend on Rebuild LLC site.
The SW Hills job is 2 bathrooms back to back finished off with really nice tile from United Tile. If you cut a hole in these bathroom floors you would be looking 50′ down the hillside. Sweet! This job has an interior designer on board as well, and a homeowner who is one of the nicest women I have met to date.
So I will leave you with this- If you refer me you will be rewarded. I take business seriously, and if I receive business, I am grateful. I do my best to thank and address all who refer, recommend, teach, or just help make my company better. Don’t be surprised to get a call from me around 11:am for lunch!
I don’t claim to know everything which I think is impossible. But I do try to have as much qualified information for you all as I can. If I don’t have the answer I find it in timely fashion.
These days everyone wants to sell you something, we simply strive to give you what you want and offer your money a great place to be spent. Take care.