Hello, I have read a lot of articles about where home trends are forecast to end up this year and next, but I got to tell you, we are getting calls every week for nice projects. Some qualified leads, mostly referrals, and some tire kickers. We have bid a few additions with two more still to complete, a handful of bathrooms, a couple kitchens, and a bunch of stuff in between, but we look at EVERY job lead. And we now pay respectable kick backs on your referrals, so don’t hesitate to give out my website address or number, it could get you at minimum a $50 bill in your pocket.

Granted- there will be smaller projects, tougher competition, higher scrutiny, and confused clients. Only the best contractors will include everything necessary to perform your requests with 100% turn key success. We offer all an inclusive level of- products, services, cleanliness, passed inspections, and the ability to jump over every hurdle with accuracy, manners, and do it with a smile on our face.

Here is what I get called into about once every 2 months: “Hmmm, that is a low number…” And that’s where the undercut, stinky mouth, unlicensed knuckleheads will lead you. You will get turned upside down by these type of people and quickly. Say you get into a $10,000 bathroom remodel and decide to take the low guy at $6000. You KNOW it should cost $10k because you aren’t living under a rock and you and your friends talk. He will have left out 30% of the necessities, specified a cheap close out pallet sale of tile, bought you a Home Depot fan that sounds like a 1965 VW Bug, and set his own tile because you didn’t know better to ask before hand. When problems pop up he will charge you more or just bail out. Then you look around and the level of detail and installation of items will leave you thinking you could have done a better job. But wait, then you are sitting on the new toilet that rocks and looking at the grout in your tile job with an ugly haze to it and he sealed the haze onto the tile. “What service or warranty?” Then you have to call us. Ultimately you have the means to make a solid decision, with so much helpful info and photos of work WE ACTUALLY PERFORMED, it becomes easy to make the right choice. So why do so many people make the wrong choice?

They gamble. Last I heard, gambling was an addictive condition which sometimes requires counseling.  We offer line item pricing with the actual sub pricing listed, viewable upon request, and depending on how common or complex the renovation is, we add our markup accordingly. And we explain why. Then we list alternate adds with cost for possible unknowns, which we see occasionally, for complete open book forecasting.

Here is a listing of benefits we find to be a total value using Rebuild LLC:

  1. We are all inclusive because if you want to renovate your home, there are 15 possible trades that may need to be brought in. We have all trades covered and trust them.
  2. We educate clients on the significance of maintaining the character of their home, and how to achieve it. Our goal here is no noticeable seam or break from old to new.
  3. We offer direction with reputable designers, of which you may award job to, which will help significantly and actually save time and money.
  4. We can and will render your addition or exterior transformations so you can get an exact interpretation of what is being proposed.
  5. We offer the most transparent bid documents on the market, and that is a fact Jack!
  6. We estimate costs of hidden things we hope “not” to encounter, so you can plan for possibility.
  7. We also do maintenance, repair, replacement of any item you may require because there is more to remodeling than tearing everything out and starting over.
  8. We would be happy to sit down and explain the repercussions of cheap, wanna-be contractors and the huge loss of livelihood and resources they can drain from you. Then you pay to fix it all.
  9. We are an Energy Trust Ally and feel strongly about insulation. It traps the heat you pay for and keeps the cold out in the winter months. And traps the cool you pay for and keeps the heat out in the summer months. So it works for you every day in any weather. Go to http://energytrust.org/residential/evaluate-your-home/home-energy-review/ and set up a home energy audit. We will even pay for it if you decide to have us do the work outlined by their findings.

I really appreciate that you have taken the time to read 840 words worth of what I felt like talking about this month and hope you took at least a couple usable facts with you. I feel great about the future and look forward to hearing from you and your people. Take care of yourself and check back soon for new pictures and industry information.

Thank you- Todd Hertner