The schedule is hectic right now, but that’s goes without complaint.
Ready to pour a 46sf concrete counter top kitchen. I have the concrete forms made ready to weld rebar and pour it. If you’ve never seen this occur it is pretty cool. I will attempt to video short sections of each task for a 1 minute video of pouring concrete counter tops, Todd style!
Laying ground work for a hair salon, so getting ready to saw cut concrete and tie into drains, pull new water service, and redo a shell space. But this job has electrical work, lighting, drop ceiling grid, drywall patching, new framing, and a host of misc tasks before it is ready to occupy. And if it was not for the landlord fronting the buildout for future rent, there would be no remodel budget or job.
Adding a new gas fireplace to 2 homes where they do not currently exist, so that entails new gas meter locate, running gas lines, rough framing, install of fireplace, venting, slate tile selection for finish and usually this means extra work once onsite. Once clients see our work it inevitably leads to trust and more remodel.
I will be doing another kitchen remodel in Troutdale soon. We are selecting appliances and granite tile currently and should be ready to go by March.
And a home where we will be adding windows where they don’t currently exist, and a houseful of base trim to match original, someone removed original trim prior to current owner.
So what do you have to do? HEHE! I will be happy to look at any project. I will help you understand, brainstorm, decide, pick materials and prepare for anything you are considering. Don’t hesitate to ask any question. If you have thoughts PLEASE find photos that represent your thoughts so I can nail down an exact path for you to follow.
Have a great week!