Well it seems as though everyone wants something done these days. We try to accommodate all requests and have no problem referring our sub contractors to the small jobs. Don’t hesitate to have us over to take a look or have a listen. If I don’t trust the people I refer or back their level of quality, you will not be hearing from them.

We have been coordinating and performing work on the big 4-story job for months now and there is much to report on finishes, as the cabinets in entire house are installed, the hardwoods are installed but not finish sanded, the tile is 90% complete, the finish trim is 95% complete, the interior painting is almost ready for it’s final coat, the exterior painting is at punchlist status awaiting minor tweaks with siding detail, the basement floor is ready for it’s concrete staining (here is pic of desired look), the HVAC system is ready for it’s final cleaning, and the exterior grounds on this massive lot are in need of some initial landscaping. By the way, I think the clients are really getting excited to move in!

We just completed a design build exterior deck project up on Vista and it was a little monster to say the least. The lot was heavily sloped, the material was long and heavy, the clients did not really know what they wanted other than the decking before we started, and we were constantly changing gears to keep the job rolling. But what a transformation! TimberTech Twin material for the actual decking, and a custom built privacy fence built from 1×2 and 1×4 clear cedar, which the client painted as fast as we could bring it in for install. It was nice to have a client getting so involved in a project for once. They went out looking at cool fences etc to gain the inspiration and we mocked up these ideas for final approval. (see photos here) The detail was mitered corners wrapping around corners, but where the outside boards turned to meet the inside boards they were at different heights for the stepped privacy affect, so a small ledger was placed vertically to make the transition. We reused the existing stair system as it was very beefy and definitely reusable, retrofit some additional anchors and framing to existing deck to strengthen and made the inspectors actually smile! The look from either side of this finished product is just beautiful.

We are currently finishing up the Flying Pie Lake Oswego remodel, which we build a new 150sf storage room, demo’d and moved the front entry low wall, did misc carpentry, and will install the concrete counter tops in a week or so to both bathrooms. The carpet was completely replaced, the acoustical tiles at kitchen area were replaced, the walls were painted, and everything was cleaned. I can personally say, all the Flying Pie locations are good for a while. :)

Thank you for reading and as always, we appreciate the trust you place in Rebuild LLC. Talk to you soon.