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Rebuild Blog #6

Well it seems as though everyone wants something done these days. We try to accommodate all requests and have no problem referring our sub contractors to the small jobs. Don’t hesitate to have us over to take a look or have a listen. If I don’t trust the people I refer or back their level of quality, you will not be hearing from them.

We have been coordinating and performing work on the big 4-story job for months now and there is much to report on finishes, as the cabinets in entire house are installed, the hardwoods are installed but not finish sanded, the tile is 90% complete, the finish trim is 95% complete, the interior painting is almost ready for it’s final coat, the exterior painting is at punchlist status awaiting minor tweaks with siding detail, the basement floor is ready for it’s concrete staining (here is pic of desired look), the HVAC system is ready for it’s final cleaning, and the exterior grounds on this massive lot are in need of some initial landscaping. By the way, I think the clients are really getting excited to move in!

We just completed a design build exterior deck project up on Vista and it was a little monster to say the least. The lot was heavily sloped, the material was long and heavy, the clients did not really know what they wanted other than the decking before we started, and we were constantly changing gears to keep the job rolling. But what a transformation! TimberTech Twin material for the actual decking, and a custom built privacy fence built from 1×2 and 1×4 clear cedar, which the client painted as fast as we could bring it in for install. It was nice to have a client getting so involved in a project for once. They went out looking at cool fences etc to gain the inspiration and we mocked up these ideas for final approval. (see photos here) The detail was mitered corners wrapping around corners, but where the outside boards turned to meet the inside boards they were at different heights for the stepped privacy affect, so a small ledger was placed vertically to make the transition. We reused the existing stair system as it was very beefy and definitely reusable, retrofit some additional anchors and framing to existing deck to strengthen and made the inspectors actually smile! The look from either side of this finished product is just beautiful.

We are currently finishing up the Flying Pie Lake Oswego remodel, which we build a new 150sf storage room, demo’d and moved the front entry low wall, did misc carpentry, and will install the concrete counter tops in a week or so to both bathrooms. The carpet was completely replaced, the acoustical tiles at kitchen area were replaced, the walls were painted, and everything was cleaned. I can personally say, all the Flying Pie locations are good for a while. :)

Thank you for reading and as always, we appreciate the trust you place in Rebuild LLC. Talk to you soon.

Rebuild Blog #5

Hello and welcome to “almost” summer! We are running and loving how the economy seems to be turning the corner on home remodeling projects. A little bit of everything right now: additions, decks, concrete work, concrete counter tops, and the big 4-story remodel we have been on for months now.

Flying Pie Pizzaria has commissioned us once again to remodel the bathrooms and build some new walls at their Lake Oswego location. That’s cool to us because we have already done extensive work at their main Stark Street location. So this time around we will pour two concrete counter tops, one for each bathroom, and do some touch up and detail work with the partitions. As well as replace all the toilets with one piece Toto 1.6 gallon flush. Then we will build a new 15′ x 10′ dry storage room adjacent to the front counter to free up much needed space in the kitchen area. New acoustical ceiling tiles and fixes throughout. And finally knock down a wall at the pizza tossing area and build it lower so the shorter people that really enjoy watching that can finally see.

We will be remodeling a master bathroom in SW Portland which will involve gutting half the space, re-routing some electrical and replacing some plumbing, drywall install and texturing the entire space out so everything matches nicely once painted. We will install some travertine marble to the floor and base trim, tumbled marble to shower, add new door and window trim, and add an entire wall of maple shaker style cabinets that will maximize storage space. Finish it all off with a Kohler toilet, new towell bars, recessed vanity, and bright white paint. Now that Rebuild is on board, the client will be happy to walk in there every morning!

We are bidding a deck job up top of Vista which will be a retrofit to existing 18′ x 10′ with composite lumber. It rises 15′ off the ground on one end to 10′ on the other, a heavily sloped lot. TimberTech XLM is the material of choice here. We propose a 6′ addition the long direction and removing existing stairs and turning them from east to north. This should be a fun one with the City of Portland PDC.

The 4-story remodel on Alameda is really cranking now. We have Brazilian Cherry hardwoods going in, the first coat of Miller paint on the walls and ceilings are complete. The eaves and deck lids are finished now and they look awesome. I will post some pics on my Exterior page. And the tile install is moving along nicely. Cabinets will be installed next month and the exterior painting should begin mid June.

Thank you for reading and as always, we appreciate the trust and support you place in Rebuild LLC.

Rebuild Blog #3

Where to begin…

We are right smack in the middle of a 4 story full gut-job remodel on Alameda ridge, and while that is going on I have jumped over to the newest location for the restaurant/bar Wine Down East on Alberta to remove some unwanted walls and build the new. We are also bidding an addition in West Linn, a full home remodel next to Glendoveer Golf Course, and a heavily fire damaged home in North Portland off Lombard gets some numbers as well.

So, the Alameda job is full remodel which entailed an attic addition of full city view facing dormer for two new bedrooms, and a North facing 8′ dormer to house the bathroom on that floor. The third floor is the master BR, and both kids rooms, with full span rear deck. The main floor greets with a prominent staircase with matching Brazilian Cherry treads matching the new hardwoods, an open great room measuring 22′ x 32′, a den, half bath, and kitchen. The first floor (basement) holds the theater, wine cellar, laundry room, full bath and mechanical room. All the exterior eaves and deck lids will be fitted a T&G cedar finish, painted. There will be much more to talk about next month!

As always, thank you for placing your interest, trust, and time, with Rebuild LLC.

Rebuild Blog #2

So… The new EPA regulation will require contractors working on projects, including weatherization and energy efficiency retrofits that disturb lead-based paint in homes, child care facilities and schools built before 1978 to be trained, certified and follow specific work practices to prevent lead contamination. But the EPA has fallen behind on approving training programs so that contractors can complete the individual certification requirements.

It has been estimated that about 200,000 remodelers, painters, electricians, HVAC technicians and others working in the targeted homes and buildings need to be certified by April 22 but only about 120 training companies have been approved so far.

“The EPA has not provided enough trainers to certify the workforce in time for their deadline. After April 22 most contractors will not be able to work legally in homes, which would completely halt any weatherization efforts.”

According to the latest Remodeling Index survey, 90% of remodelers are aware of the EPA’s new lead paint regulation going into effect on April 22. Although only 15% are ready with certification.

81% of the remodelers surveyed said they learned about the rule from trade associations. Conversely, only 2% of the remodelers said they learned about the rule from the EPA.

The survey results suggest that the EPA still has a long way to go in educating remodelers, subcontractors, consumers and others affected by the regulation. Don’t Google this topic, it will only make you more confused, then irritated. Enormous holes by EPA in thought, execution, answers, remedies, removal and disposal, testing upon completion… the list goes on for hours.

“Unfortunately the EPA has not only failed to reach out to remodelers, but it has remained silent on educating consumers.” For more in depth details click here. “Luckily for the clients of Rebuild LLC, we were already performing this type of demolition which is now being mandated. It’s common sense renovation to us. The type of lead based paint in question contains HEAVY content and falls at a much more rapid rate that wood, paint, and the like. So airborne effects of this type of fire-starter plan seem quite political to us. There will always a few bad apples that change things for others… Consumers are completely unaware of this rule and the resulting increase in remodeling costs. This means they are very likely to hire unscrupulous contractors or do the work themselves, which will put them at greater risk of lead exposure,” says Todd Hertner, owner of Rebuild LLC.

Rebuild LLC, as well as others, will impose roughly 2 times the normal cost to demo remodel space depending on circumstances. Costs for rule compliance which DID NOT EXIST until now include: additional insurance, mandatory training, worker hours, HEPA equipment, materials, signage, and record keeping expenses. Oh, and what about all that plastic going to the landfills, with hazardous materials wrapped up inside?

The survey results also found that remodelers on average subcontract half of their work and use an average of 18 specialty trade contractors in a year. EPA officials have indicated that these subcontractors may also need training and certification to operate legally on projects where lead paint is disturbed. That will be the added benefit of using a General Contractor like Rebuild LLC to run your projects. We know the rules and will oversee every aspect for total compliance.

The individual certification is based on eight hours of classroom and hands-on instruction $300 and is separate from the company certification, which requires a completed application and another fee of $300, and finally State of Oregon filing of $50.

Rebuild Blog #1

The schedule is hectic right now, but that’s goes without complaint.
Ready to pour a 46sf concrete counter top kitchen. I have the concrete forms made ready to weld rebar and pour it. If you’ve never seen this occur it is pretty cool. I will attempt to video short sections of each task for a 1 minute video of pouring concrete counter tops, Todd style!
Laying ground work for a hair salon, so getting ready to saw cut concrete and tie into drains, pull new water service, and redo a shell space. But this job has electrical work, lighting, drop ceiling grid, drywall patching, new framing, and a host of misc tasks before it is ready to occupy. And if it was not for the landlord fronting the buildout for future rent, there would be no remodel budget or job.
Adding a new gas fireplace to 2 homes where they do not currently exist, so that entails new gas meter locate, running gas lines, rough framing, install of fireplace, venting, slate tile selection for finish and usually this means extra work once onsite. Once clients see our work it inevitably leads to trust and more remodel.
I will be doing another kitchen remodel in Troutdale soon. We are selecting appliances and granite tile currently and should be ready to go by March.
And a home where we will be adding windows where they don’t currently exist, and a houseful of base trim to match original, someone removed original trim prior to current owner.
So what do you have to do? HEHE! I will be happy to look at any project. I will help you understand, brainstorm, decide, pick materials and prepare for anything you are considering. Don’t hesitate to ask any question. If you have thoughts PLEASE find photos that represent your thoughts so I can nail down an exact path for you to follow.
Have a great week!