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Blog #18, Welcome 2015

First off, Happy New Year!

 This year I, Todd Hertner owner of Rebuild, am PRO (Professional Remodelers Organization)Chair. I look to lead our group on our mission to bring public awareness to the group, help our members to realize their potential within our professional environment, and better our branding and events we hold for fundraising and charitable contributions. We have the 3rd largest PRO in America! I just got back from IBS (International Builders Show) in Las Vegas and was overwhelmed by how other regions look to us for ideas and guidance. That’s how high our group of 225 is held. Pretty cool to hold this position. Now on to my blog’s subject matter.


When it comes to picking all the elements for a remodel or even building a new home, there’s a myriad of decisions to make and it can be dismal to keep it in perspective. Have you ever thought to yourself…I wish someone else did my grocery shopping or maintained my yard? It happens to me on a weekly basis. But we pick our battles don’t we?
I don’t intend on getting into the material choices but more importantly, the judgment and professional decisions one should consider. And we do all phases of construction, so if you are looking at a 1000sf or 60sf addition or just a kitchen or bathroom, we do it all.
We all wish that when it came to home improvement the playing field was level so our prospective clients had only need to choose which contractor personality they liked most. But with professionalism and quality comes added cost over the “common company” pricing. Not much comes in their bag of tricks.


So how to decide with such a major money swing? And with the market turning around there’s a chance you can’t work with the contractor you want because they are booked solid.


If you are the type of person who walks into a jewelry store or car dealership and says this is how much I have to spend, what can I get today? You are likely to choose the low number and just deal with work being done, and won’t care too much about fit and finish. Not to say you don’t deserve what you paid for, but perfection isn’t something that will drive you crazy. I can spot that in the first 5 minutes.
On the other hand, you do your research prior to contractor meetings, checking their legal status, references, and finding some reviews on their social pages. So if they don’t perform to your expectations you can actually ask for it to be fixed. You will likely receive deserved attention to missed details, if any. You ask smart questions, not using the phrase “keeping in budget” in every sentence.
We pre-screen our leads quite well prior to spending time to meet with them, and you should be prepared for this with a reputable company. We also send out Q&A forms. We are now interviewing you more than you are us.
We only sign jobs when it feels right. You should too.
Our minds are on the future recommendations of our company, where most all our work comes from. It grows with each completed job and happy client.


Some clients you cannot make happy no matter how many special things you do for them, or how sweet the finished product turns out. My experience shows that they are used to doing the work themselves, or did not want to spend the money for it in the first place. If I lose “their” referrals then so be it.
If you can supply us with a clear scope of work when we come out, we can supply you with a budget range of what the work should cost. We do this every day, so our budgets are quite detailed and real close to actual cost. If you are serious and actually ready to spend some money, then you sign a retainer and we get serious about exactly what you want, and sharpen all numbers to get you to the final cost. We don’t give free bids. It devalues our experience, allows lesser quality companies to undercut us, and there are a lot of shoppers out there just wasting our time. We don’t want a bunch of clients, we just seek a few great ones!
Every decision we make in life has the inevitable possibility of turning out positive or negative. But as you can clearly tell by my short story, there are choices to be made, wait till you have all your answers before you make yours. We will be here and make you glad you chose Rebuild.


We are constantly researching for our clients, and with that in mind, we NEVER stop looking to bring our clients more knowledgeable and professional resources, and as always, the most cost effective approach to your project.
Our go-to floor heating system has always been NuHeat. They have recently introduced a much better system of placing the wire for heating but it also acts as a crack isolation membrane, which is good for home or slab movement and eliminating cracks in your new installations.
NEXT: Bathrooms can be a slippery place and having the right set up is easy to achieve. I simple facelift won’t get you there, but when doing a full remodel, we can design some easy features that will assure you and your family a lifetime of better ergonomics and safe passage. These details are actually cleaner, modern looking and you won’t know they exist. Curbless shower pan, matte large format tile, flip down seating, attractive grab bars that look more like towel holders, and more.

Please check out our HOUZZ page for inspiration, client reviews, and see our most recent work. Be sure to follow us!

Also our Facebook page for even more info and updates. We have 148 likes and hope you will like us too and then share our page with others.


Blog#17- Rebuild’s Spring Newsletter!

With all the excitement of Spring and warm weather coming, we want you to know how important it is to plan ahead for your projects. Planning can take from 30 to 90 days to finalize depending on size, so lets get together and chat about your thoughts for change. Some projects don’t require any plans, others will. If you are considering something I will be happy to come see your home and brainstorm ideas for value and best bang for your buck.
Remodeling a home is about creating memories, yours and even those before you. We look at each job individually and absorb the existing, listen about the past, and forecast for future, to come up with a plan that will make you proud to have decided to modernize. The word “modernize” refers to adding another 40+ years of solid performance by way of eliminating the existing tired systems and thinking ahead for future needs for a smart and healthy home (See pics below of an old 1915 bath remodel). jermain 14jermain 34 Just ask and we will come to your home to offer suggestions for change and explain why things work or don’t. Most people don’t realize what they have been subjected to for years and can easily be fixed.We certainly would not eat cheap and unhealthy food every day, or even a few times a week. Why would we feed our most valuable asset, our home, cheap and short lived items which will fail or bring unhealthy living conditions? That’s where we come in. We are very knowledgeable about various things you can do to your home for comfort and air quality.My own personal thoughts did not lead me to you. It was years of learning, building, meeting, changing, networking, joining groups of like minded professionals, donating time to non-profit groups, working public shows, opening our finished projects to the public to walk through, and then after all that… digging deeper and doing it all over again, but with better business panache.

As of the last couple years, my profession has brought a significant change. I’m being ASKED to sit on boards and represent, being asked to join other specialty groups and clubs, being asked to build bigger projects, being asked advice, and being asked to build new houses. So with that, the team I have built and maintained can accommodate.

You will see me every day on the job. I have on average 2-3 jobs going at all times. If things are even a little bit slow I work along side my subs to keep things on track. Always working to diffuse any situations that arise.

Seeking out the best of the best and adding them to my team of craftsman, and offering the best possible outcome for you, my clients, is job number one. I am very happy, proud, humbled, and ready for everything you’ve got cooking! We are constantly evolving at Rebuild. With that in mind, we NEVER stop looking to bring our clients more knowledgeable and professional resources, and as always, the most cost effective approach to your project.
Closed Cell Spray Foam has significant benefits over traditional rolled batt insulation and we love to use it. We use it for 4 distinct reasons: It has an unmatched ability to seal air, stop water, cuts sound at an amazing level, holds its shape so solidly that it actually reinforces your homes structure, but the way it conforms to odd shaped cavities finally solves the loophole with missing some spots that will always allow outside air and water in is the silver lining.
Here is a great write up that will help you to understand it better
We have joined NWSID- Northwest Society of Interior Designers. Here is where the premier group of designers reside and network all things cool and fresh. I look to make more professional relationships and prove that we are a solid choice for them to promote and use to build their great designs.
The Tour of Remodeled Homes just wrapped up this month, and although Rebuild did not show a home this year, I am Chair for the show/group next year in 2014 and am optimistic we will have a great inspiring project for the show. If you are not familiar with the show it is a scattered site show with remodeled home submissions, and if they make the cut you can physically go out and walk into these homes and see the companies work first hand. If you ever want to see my jobs I can likely have you over for a visit to most all of my running projects. Just ask!

If you are looking to get into our industry group and would like to see just how the HBA PRO club makes it happen so well, contact me and I will get you an invite.
We would like you to join the club all others have tried to become.

We will reward your referrals with nice cash payments.
Please refer all of your friends and family to Rebuild by way of:
Website, Facebook, LinkedIn, HBA PRO, and Houzz.
From there they can follow all things Rebuild.

Blog #16 11.24.12

The first thing reading teaches us, is how to be alone. And if we are interested in what the message is, we may just be surprised at what we learn. So thank you for taking your few moments of “me” time and reading my latest blog.

When a family has a sick child or a broken vehicle they don’t hesitate to call the family doctor, dentist, or mechanic whom they typically have a long personal relationship with. We have this same relationship with numerous clients. We know your home and may even know it better than you do. So we are more than happy to come take a look at something that comes up because that is our specialty. I have a little secret that not many people know. I have been asked to store about 25% of my past clients house keys in the event they need me to stop in to look at another project or fix. That makes me feel quite valuable.

Each year consumers are burned by unscrupulous home contractors and/or simply frustrated by poor customer service. This is the dilemma that confronts many potential clients whom we have not worked with, their desire for a top-notch job at the lowest possible price being their primary focus. They ignore other criteria that may carry more weight in producing a successfully completed project and a smooth working relationship with the remodeler.
It’s understandable that price is a major consideration when it comes to remodeling. The cost of remodeling has increased as the demand for remodeling grows. Higher costs of materials (such as copper wire or pipes) and scarcity of skilled labor are just 2 of 20 factors contributing to price hikes.
So we urge you to keep your money or hold out on the financing until you can do what you really want. You waited this long, what’s another year if it will get your wish list included to the bottom of your needs list. See this latest data on how remodeling is back to pre-crash status!

We offer an all-inclusive remodeling package, which covers inspiration, design, plans, products, services, outstanding finish work, and future communication to ensure you remain happy once we are gone. There is no grey area with Rebuild.
We pass our inspections, keep everyone on schedule, jump over every hurdle with manners, accuracy, and do it with a smile on our face.
We stay transparent at Rebuild so you see what everything costs and can decide what might need to wait till later. Our management number is typically 20% and it covers Todd’s time, gas, insurance, license, bond, office expense, I put out fires to keep things moving smoothly, I buy my subs lunch from time to time which helps keep them happy to come to work for you and I, and much more. A great attitude makes for better performance.
What keeps my doors open is running 3 jobs at the same time all year long, and when the jobs are large, I realize some profitability. See our Tour of Remodeled Homes submission from last year here

We want to be your “GO-TO” company for anything “Home”. If we don’t have the answer we will get it for you. Every month something changes or is developed to help make our job and your home a better place to dwell. It may not seem like it but things are moving full steam toward energy efficient and structurally sound. We realize you may not understand it, but we will try and educate you and you will in turn benefit from it.

When you refer us to a friend or family member we will pay you a NICE chunk of cash!

Watch for me in the new Veloster by Hyundai. 40mpg car! It’s a great addition with all the driving I do.
We appreciate the trust you place in us, and look forward to speaking with you.

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Blog #15- 4.6.12

With all the excitement of Spring, we wanted you to know how important it
is to plan for your dry projects right now!
Planning can take up to 30 days or more to finalize, so lets get together and get
your thoughts on paper.

Remodeling a home is about memories and traditions, yours and even those
before you. We look at each job individually and absorb the existing, listen
about the past, and forecast for future, to come up with a plan that will
make you proud to have decided to modernize. The word “modernize” refers to
adding another 50+ years of solid performance by way of eliminating the
existing tired systems and thinking ahead for future needs for a smart and
healthy home.
It’s not just a business deal and not just your property, we feel much more
can develop if you allow us to be part of your life. This way we can
understand you, which helps us to offer what is best suited for your

We want nothing more than to be included in your thoughts as they bloom.

The clients we seek out are those who will value our personal touch,
treating their homes as if they were our own, with no thoughts of looking
We don’t guarantee the lowest price, but we do guarantee expertise and the
knowledge base to offer our clients more products and information than they
were expecting. You will not receive these benefits or future guarantees by
choosing the low number. Period.
We have the best people performing the nicest work, and we are certain you
will notice the difference. We will make your home life an “experience”,
instead of just a remodel.

We are constantly evolving at Rebuild. With that in mind, we NEVER stop
looking to bring our clients more knowledgeable and professional resources,
and as always, the most cost effective approach to your project.

First: We would like to thank you for coming out to our Tour house in this
years “Tour of Remodeled Homes”

We met with nearly 300 people who asked very intelligent questions and really
seemed to enjoy what we had done with our 1917 4-story whole home remodel.
So please drop a recurring reminder on your calendar for March 1^st and we
hope to see you in the years to come. Our Tour home can be seen on our
website here

Next: Caesarstone has come out with some new styles of solid surface counter
tops that we would like you to see
We are not advocating the use of granite and marble slabs moving forward due to all the natural resources
needed to actually land one in your home. Think about all the machinery,
pollution, transportation from overseas, then to west coast. That’s not
green, it’s black.

Next: Spray Foam has significant benefits over traditional rolled batt
insulation and we love to use it. Here is a great write up that will help
you to understand it better
We use it for 4 reasons: double the insulation value per inch, higher sound
dampening, structural attributes once cured to hard state, and the air
barrier. When closed cell is used you get water barrier as well.

Here is a recent period kitchen remodel we performed near Lloyd Center which used vertical grain fir cabinets with slow closing doors and drawers, Andersen fir windows, Caesarstone slab, Big Chill retro appliances, and Marmoleum flooring .

We will reward your referrals with nice cash payments. Please refer all of your friends and family to Rebuild LLC by way of: website, Facebook, LinkedIn, HBA PRO, Energy Trust of Oregon, and Houzz. From there they can follow all things Rebuild.

We realize you could be doing so many other things right now, and we deeply appreciate that you spend your time here with us. Have a great Spring!

Rebuild Blog #14

Blog #14 (2.28.12)

Time to tour some really nice remodels at the 2012 Tour of Remodeled Homes.
Presented by HBA PRO (Professional Remodelers Organization) a long name, I know.
If you don’t know what this is, think Street of Dreams, but for remodelers. That should paint a pretty clear picture.
This year there will be 12 unique home remodel projects displayed by the top remodelers Portland has to offer.
We are delighted to be amongst these accomplished companies and really look forward to seeing you at our project in the Hollywood district up on Alameda Ridge.
It’s the largest home we have completed to date and we think you will agree it is done very well. You will walk 20 different rooms, so bring me your questions because there is a lot to see.
Come see what can be done when you hire Rebuild LLC to transform your home, then go look at the others. We love the competition!

Tour of Remodeled Homes official website-
Here you can buy tickets, see the homes on tour, see where they are located on a map, and read about all remodelers involved.

Here are the finished and before pics of our tour home.

We are signing great projects, we have the best people performing the nicest work, and we don’t boost the price of our bids. You will notice the difference.

Industry Partners and New Relationships!
We are constantly evolving at Rebuild. With that in mind, we NEVER stop looking to bring our clients more knowledgeable and professional resources and subcontractors, and as ALWAYS, the most cost effective approach to your project.
Gale Contractors- They are our all inclusive source for insulation weather it’s retrofit, or freshly placed after a major remodel. Suck out old and dusty insulation, blow new attics, or string it up under floors, they do it all. Thanks to my sales rep Jeff Lynn for all that you do for me.

We want our clients and friends to know how much me appreciate them! So we want to extend our gratitude by way of referral kick back checks. If you recommend Rebuild to someone who signs a contract with us, we will write you a nice check. So thank you for helping us to achieve our goals and create new relationships.

We hope to see you at the tour!

Rebuild Blog #11

Hello, I have read a lot of articles about where home trends are forecast to end up this year and next, but I got to tell you, we are getting calls every week for nice projects. Some qualified leads, mostly referrals, and some tire kickers. We have bid a few additions with two more still to complete, a handful of bathrooms, a couple kitchens, and a bunch of stuff in between, but we look at EVERY job lead. And we now pay respectable kick backs on your referrals, so don’t hesitate to give out my website address or number, it could get you at minimum a $50 bill in your pocket.

Granted- there will be smaller projects, tougher competition, higher scrutiny, and confused clients. Only the best contractors will include everything necessary to perform your requests with 100% turn key success. We offer all an inclusive level of- products, services, cleanliness, passed inspections, and the ability to jump over every hurdle with accuracy, manners, and do it with a smile on our face.

Here is what I get called into about once every 2 months: “Hmmm, that is a low number…” And that’s where the undercut, stinky mouth, unlicensed knuckleheads will lead you. You will get turned upside down by these type of people and quickly. Say you get into a $10,000 bathroom remodel and decide to take the low guy at $6000. You KNOW it should cost $10k because you aren’t living under a rock and you and your friends talk. He will have left out 30% of the necessities, specified a cheap close out pallet sale of tile, bought you a Home Depot fan that sounds like a 1965 VW Bug, and set his own tile because you didn’t know better to ask before hand. When problems pop up he will charge you more or just bail out. Then you look around and the level of detail and installation of items will leave you thinking you could have done a better job. But wait, then you are sitting on the new toilet that rocks and looking at the grout in your tile job with an ugly haze to it and he sealed the haze onto the tile. “What service or warranty?” Then you have to call us. Ultimately you have the means to make a solid decision, with so much helpful info and photos of work WE ACTUALLY PERFORMED, it becomes easy to make the right choice. So why do so many people make the wrong choice?

They gamble. Last I heard, gambling was an addictive condition which sometimes requires counseling.  We offer line item pricing with the actual sub pricing listed, viewable upon request, and depending on how common or complex the renovation is, we add our markup accordingly. And we explain why. Then we list alternate adds with cost for possible unknowns, which we see occasionally, for complete open book forecasting.

Here is a listing of benefits we find to be a total value using Rebuild LLC:

  1. We are all inclusive because if you want to renovate your home, there are 15 possible trades that may need to be brought in. We have all trades covered and trust them.
  2. We educate clients on the significance of maintaining the character of their home, and how to achieve it. Our goal here is no noticeable seam or break from old to new.
  3. We offer direction with reputable designers, of which you may award job to, which will help significantly and actually save time and money.
  4. We can and will render your addition or exterior transformations so you can get an exact interpretation of what is being proposed.
  5. We offer the most transparent bid documents on the market, and that is a fact Jack!
  6. We estimate costs of hidden things we hope “not” to encounter, so you can plan for possibility.
  7. We also do maintenance, repair, replacement of any item you may require because there is more to remodeling than tearing everything out and starting over.
  8. We would be happy to sit down and explain the repercussions of cheap, wanna-be contractors and the huge loss of livelihood and resources they can drain from you. Then you pay to fix it all.
  9. We are an Energy Trust Ally and feel strongly about insulation. It traps the heat you pay for and keeps the cold out in the winter months. And traps the cool you pay for and keeps the heat out in the summer months. So it works for you every day in any weather. Go to and set up a home energy audit. We will even pay for it if you decide to have us do the work outlined by their findings.

I really appreciate that you have taken the time to read 840 words worth of what I felt like talking about this month and hope you took at least a couple usable facts with you. I feel great about the future and look forward to hearing from you and your people. Take care of yourself and check back soon for new pictures and industry information.

Thank you- Todd Hertner

Rebuild Blog #10

This year was all about breaking records at Rebuild LLC. We worked for Lawyers, Doctors, Designers and hired top level trades. We joined clubs, met a bunch of new people, found some new suppliers, and bought a lot of lunches. We worked in the nicest neighborhoods, saw some amazing views, and thought… this is finally making sense.

Starting 17 years of experience, licensed for total of 7 years, worked for others for total of 7, dipped into commercial for 2 years, and now 1 year licensed again. Being taken seriously… Priceless.

I feel complete and surrounded by the best moving forward. There is no project which I feel is too big nor too small. I want everyone to know that we treat you and your investment with all the respect and concern as our own. And with that, here is this months blog.

We would like to thank all of you who contracted, referred, and offered help to Rebuild in 2010. It was a great year for us and we worked on 20 different projects all over town. The main occurrence that has us so thankful is the referrals. 15 of the 20 jobs were due to referrals. So we recently implemented a kick back program which should help raise the bar for you to spread the word. We will pay out $100 bill to you on any paying job, and if the job exceeds $10,000 you will get 1% of total cost not to exceed $1,000. So lets work together to promote Rebuild! Thanks in advance.

As I look over the past year a few things stick out that really are worth people knowing about. In 16 years of remodeling, this year we had the largest and nicest jobs ever.

1- We finished our largest whole home remodel on Alameda Ridge in Hollywood District.

2- We performed our largest kitchen remodel in Happy Valley.

3- We subcontracted with the highest level contractors to date.

4- We paid the most taxes ever.

5- We gave out over $700 in “thank you” items to Clients.

6- We redesigned our website.

7- We had 3 yard signs in the ground, and at one point needed 2 more!

8- I was able to run at a very busy pace and still pick up my kids from school, on time!

I should stop now before I start to sound redundant. It is great people like you that made it happen, so I want you to know why I ran out, took the other call, or needed to meet you in the evening. And mainly show you how it all turned out.

Moving on. I would like to offer a couple links for you to click on so you can see the results of all the work. The whole home remodel in Hollywood was a entire gut job where 60% of the existing framing stayed and all the rest was new. New third floor dormers front and rear, first/second floor front addition with balconies, open first floor new plan and staircase, basement beefing up of footings, beams, and all mechanical/electrical/plumbing. Other items included Milgard windows, Gary’s Vacuflo central vac, AO Smith Vertex 96% efficient gas water heater, closed cell sprayed insulation to entire exterior structure, entire exterior siding and roof, detailed trim details throughout, cherry hardwoods and stair treads, tile everywhere, custom concrete acid staining, and the homeowners finishing touches. 100% new space!

The nicest Rebuild kitchen remodel ever. But hopefully not! This was a 8 home gated community in Happy Valley. The owners planned for a year, brought in a well known designer, and were ready to go, literally. All appliances purchased, cabinets designed, and could not wait any longer to start. Cool! So we removed the kitchen, laundry, butler pantry, living room, fireplace, built-ins, flooring, and went to work. New sub panel to accommodate all we were about to add like full NuHeat under travertine marble, added appliances and A/V equipment. Look at the the photos and you will see finish through before pics. Too long of a list to really get into typing here. But I would be more than happy to talk to you about it if you would like. I would like to give the subcontractors credit for a great job: West Side Electric, Modern Plumbing, Oswego Drywall, Fred’s Sound of Music, Crown Tile, Sundeleaf Painting, Lisac’s Fireplaces and Stoves, Bravura Finishes, Contract Furnishings Mart, and my personal carpenters and demo crew. All of which you can find on my links list. Thank you for taking the time and I appreciate your interest.

Todd Hertner and Family.

Rebuild Blog #9

What do you think is happening with remodeling currently and in the next quarter? We read things have finally broke even and turned upward 5% and projected to hit 12% by first quarter of 2011. All stats aside I am living it and see current trend as medium and steady, while future work looks promising, increasing steadily for months now.

With all the tax credits and remodeling going on why wouldn’t you consider taking 30% off of a major energy efficient appliance(s) to save on energy costs and get a solid new unit? We are pushing this due to the credits and they may be gone after Dec 31st.

I am happy to include a couple new products that I am excited about. First in the latest issue of Kitchen & Bath Design News, the Robern Uplift. The best idea in bathroom wall mirrors in a minute. I will just say that “I want this”, and “I want you to want this” as well!

And next is the coolest shower drain system I have seen. It’s made by Proline and is very PRO. Forget this expensive wall mounted accessories, this thing is worth every penny, and will give your shower and floor a kick needed to take your bath to the next level.

And finally for the serious men out there…I cannot neither confirm or deny the ability of the pictured help. LOL
Plywood Handle

So we just purchased the coming years bond and insurance last week and are on track for a very industrious year. We are digging into our most highly regarded club, the HBA PRO, and trying to make a difference in what happens for the good of the industry.
We will be joining a new group in the short term but will divulge that once complete.
I have met some very nice and talented designers in the past few months that I am excited to be working with them. I hope to start something with every one of them.

We typically are running at least two jobs at a time, with 5 running as of late, and I am more than confident that you will not know the difference between busy or slow once Rebuild LLC comes on board. We just finished two full bathrooms with other carpentry throughout. Just finished a year long project where we performed a 4 story, whole home remodel. Just finished a fireplace addition to a big beautiful home. And have 2 others going still, a full kitchen and living room remodel, and another fireplace but this one is a complete tear out.
All our top level subs we use are manned up, professional, and the owners get out to our jobs and put their noses right in the project. That is great for me, but better for you. You will get an accurate price, with reasonable change orders, for what you would pay other outfits who are less than trustworthy and timely. I can attest to this personally as I have used A, B, and C, level subs and will never go back to the B or C teams. Just ask me how I can substantiate this claim and I would be happy to discuss it with you, just not stated here.

Thank you for your time. I appreciate it.

Rebuild Blog #8

We know you could be anywhere in the world right now, and you decided to be here with me. I thank you for that.
Without divulging too much data, I would like everyone to know how appreciative I am of the business we have signed and there appears even more to come this month. Truly makes me happy to do what I love.
We currently have 3 jobs running, 1 on Alameda Ridge, 1 in Happy Valley, 1 in SW Hills right above the martini glass lights! All are in different stages. I have 3 other bids out, one with yet another designer, which we thought was ready to sign then they wanted to add scope. Cool with me.
Additionally I have looked at two other jobs which were referrals, and are awaiting my bid.
We are wrapping up at the Wistaria job, with hardwoods now complete, interior painting about half done, deck railings almost complete, slab granite counter tops installed, front porch concrete slab formed up, and concrete basement floor about ready to be stained in a patina pattern. You will love this house.
The Happy Valley kitchen living room remodel just kicked off with deconstruction and will be a tightly scheduled job to help bring this one in quickly for clients appreciation. I hope all goes well as this is our nicest and largest kitchen remodel in 16 years. There is an interior designer on this job who really brought it to the table in my opinion. I will post progress pics of this job in “Current Projects“, a new tab I am going to create this weekend on Rebuild LLC site.
The SW Hills job is 2 bathrooms back to back finished off with really nice tile from United Tile. If you cut a hole in these bathroom floors you would be looking 50′ down the hillside. Sweet! This job has an interior designer on board as well, and a homeowner who is one of the nicest women I have met to date.
So I will leave you with this- If you refer me you will be rewarded. I take business seriously, and if I receive business, I am grateful. I do my best to thank and address all who refer, recommend, teach, or just help make my company better. Don’t be surprised to get a call from me around 11:am for lunch!
I don’t claim to know everything which I think is impossible. But I do try to have as much qualified information for you all as I can. If I don’t have the answer I find it in timely fashion.
These days everyone wants to sell you something, we simply strive to give you what you want and offer your money a great place to be spent. Take care.

Rebuild Blog #7

Hello friends, clients, and everyone else. Thank you for spending your valuable time looking at what’s going on in Rebuild General Contractor world. We are finally enjoying some warm weather, getting some color in the process and looking forward to hearing from you and your people.
Since I last posted we have been fine tuning the final approach on the Wistaria house on Alameda Ridge, knocked out a fence, gate, and concrete job at Summerplace Retirement Community, Finished the Flying Pie Lake Oswego remodel, just signed a magazine quality kitchen/living room remodel in Happy Valley, submitted a $20k bid for a composite deck, and dropped a couple more bids off along the way on nice projects.
We are officially a new member of the HBA Pro (Home Builders Association- Professional Remodelers Organization) and a new member of Energy Trust Ally Program. So if you are having thoughts of a project at your home or business the resources are there to find answers, get inspiration, and realize the difference we can make on your project. We will show you how energy savings, good design, and great new products can ultimately change your life.
The 4 story remodel is in the final swing, and painters have the stage currently. The entire home is masked for painting of trim. There have been a few snags to get there but that’s the way it goes when homeowners are extremely involved and changes occur. I don’t advise against this just warn that it takes a great deal of patience and added time for all. Once paint wraps up, it will be on the custom hardwood guys to shine up the floors, and slab will go it shortly after. The Vertex water heater is going in next week, the fireplace mantle will be built, and the exterior grounds are transforming for the better. This place is going to glow.
The large Happy Valley remodel will include all my best Subcontractors: Modern Plumbing, West Side Electric, Lisac’s Fireplaces, Breese & Co., Oswego Drywall, Crown Tile, Summit Woodworking, Sundeleaf Painting, and about 800sf of NuHeat floor heat mats under all the travertine. All new painted and stained cabinets, a custom 8′ arched french interior door with true divided light, Wolf and Sub Zero appliances, slab granite, Caesar Stone, Graphic Eye Lighting controller, a Town and Country fireplace, on and on… Fun job.
The Street of Dreams this year had a couple homes I really felt a connection with, but unless you went it would not hit home. Both were designed and build by Hearth and Home Construction, first was the “Refinement” and next was “Transitions”. An excellent flow of materials, design and finished product that I actually took pictures of! The show is on Skyline this year and runs until Aug 29th. Go see them.
*** I am happy to make an open offer to anyone who refers our business to others.
** If you make a referral that turns into actual work either now or in the future, I will send you $100 with no questions asked, but much thanks given. Keep us in mind and we will take care of you!
Thanks to all who read this months blog-book, and as always we genuinely respect you and your thoughts.