Yeah, and it remains just as true in an ordinary environment too. Originally Posted by juantonwan How important is the origin of sex, to evolution theory?? I would think it is pretty important, but I keep getting different answers and hearing different theories?

Are there any hard facts I can use, or do I just have to pick the best hypothesis? As I’ve said already, juantonwan, there is no definitive answer. Asexual when everything is going well. juantonwanSexual reproduction, as previously stated allows for more variability.

Mutation happens at a relatively fixed rate and if it’s just not fast enough, sex can add the extra edge. Sexual tends to be used when conditions are harsh. By weeding out the variations that are maladapted, the population changes rapidly over not too many generations, to form a new type that is adapted to the environment. If the environment is stable, asexual reproduction is better, since it requires only one individual, which can produce many more offspring.

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